Alabaster Chess Set | Black Brown Chess Pieces

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The eyes have it, & once they do, eyes wont' be able to move off of this Black & Brown Alabaster Chess Set, true luxury for all to see & play! Exquisite, marvelous, & anything else you can think of!

Black Brown Alabaster Chess Set

Whether you take chess very seriously or love to play truly for a get-away once in a while, an escape from maybe some stress, so you can put all your focus on the game and block out the rest! This fabulous black and brown alabaster chess set will make you think you're a king or queen!  The amazing look of rich colors and textures will mesmerize you and your opponent!

With an incredible glossy shine, and very sleekly designed chessmen, you and your opponent will delight at the sight of this board game set while working through a thriving battlefield. Wood grain is nice, and simple black and white has its own classic and appealing look, but few colors and patterns can hold a candle to this beaut! 

This spicy creation features a 14.5" board that is 1/2" thick and has 1.5" squares. The lighter squares include faint red marbled tones that almost look like a churning fire hidden under the glossy surface, but it's held appropriately in check with a sleek black frame around the entire outer edge of the alabaster board! 

Each army is Intense, one in shiny black and the other an earthy light brown alabaster, all in familiar shapes with smooth round bases. The King is 3" high with a 1.125" base diameter.

Go ahead, you deserve it, indulge yourself in luxury --  then impress all visitors, chess comrades and opponents, and spectators, too, with this gorgeous alabaster chess set --  another of Scali of Italy's finest!