American Mahjong Game | Push Arms | Leatherette Case

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Black Leatherette Mahjong Set With Pushers, a sharp, classic, complete American/Western version in sturdy case! The attraction & addictiveness of Mahjong brought on many attempts to ban it in China centuries ago.....much gratitude that it is still around!

Black Leatherette Mahjong Set With Pushers

Mahjong set in black leatherette case with 166 ivory colored polystone durable resin tile, 4 racks, 4 pushers for great convenience, dice, bettor, chips/money tokens, and instruction booklet so everyone can easily learn.  Wow, there you have it, a wonderful, classic example of a complete and honorable American/Western Mahjong game set, all tucked in and protected with a sturdy case, ready for you to tote anywhere safely and play wherever you are!

Tiles are divided into suited tiles, honor tiles, flower tiles, and joker tiles. The game has a rich history; every single tile within the set has its own mythology and meaning.  Mahjong originated in China centuries ago, as you may know, but are you aware that its attraction and addictive brought about numerous attempts to ban Mahjong in its country of origin? Thus, the term you may often hear "mahjong madness"!