American Mahjong Set | Soft Carrying Case | Push Arms

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Western MahJong With Burgundy Bag includes Racks & Pushers. Wonderful set you'll use & enjoy toting everywhere and play at will!

A full Western/American version of Mahjong with 4 racks and convenient pushers, too, in a wonderful burgundy, moisture resistant, soft fabric carrying bag. This set has 166 durable all white polystone tile, which includes 2 extra jokers and 4 blank tile, each measures 2.2cm x 3cm x 1.3 cm.  The tile are incised/engraved and colored, and are distributed as follows:  36 Bamboos, 36 Characters, 36 Dots, 16 Winds, 12 Dragons, 8 Flowers, 8 Seasons, and 14 Jokers.

The pushers or "helping" arms come in fun colors, along with chips/money, and an instruction booklet to get you going on this exciting and addicting game!  At a very affordable cost, and quality that's hard to beat, you'll have a Mahjong set that is great to tote anywhere!