Backgammon Board Game Set | Leather Dice Cups

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15" Black Leatherette Backgammon Set, beautifully crafted, 2 black leatherette covered dice cups included. The pieces, also known as stones, are moved counter clockwise in horseshoe fashion along triangular tracks, also know as points or pips. Likely been around since the Pharaohs.

Black Backgammon Board Game Set 

15" black leatherette backgammon game set has red and black 1" diameter game pieces, brown and ivory dice, and also includes two black leatherette covered dice cups, very sharp!

Backgammon is a game that combines elements of strategy and skill, yet is fast paced, so you need to turn on your analytical thinking -- but lady luck does definitely come into play to make the game unpredictably fun! 

Dimensions: (W x L x H) = 9.75" x 15.0" x 2.25".