Berliner Chess Pieces | Double Weighted

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4" Berliner Chessmen bring stunning simplicity yet amazing versatility! Sleek & handsome, with an amazing look and feel that will impress any chess player.

Our Black and Natural Boxwood Chessmen set has a 4" high king with a 1.4" base diameter. Each chess piece is double weighted and has a felted bottom to protect your board and facilitate easy movement. 

Complement your favorite chess board with this very attractive Berliner chessmen set. Simplicity can be stunning, as anyone can see when they lay their eyes on our handsome Berliner chess pieces. These chessmen feature black and natural hues with unique visual elements. Each piece is sleek with minimal detail, yet the distinctive look creates an extremely versatile but elegant arrangement.

This set brings character and charm to the game with smooth surfaces and less detail.  One side is smothered in a blanket of dark ebony, enhanced by the unbroken surface of each piece. The opposing army appears in a natural white hue, also smooth and appealing. Players will love the look and feel of these flawless chessmen as they make their way across the board!

Pair these unique chessmen with one of our quality chess boards and create a fantastic work of "chess art" to showcase in your home or office, when it's not in use!