Birdseye Maple Chess Board | Matte Finish | Rounded Edge

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20” Ebony Birdseye Maple Chess Board

Chess Board Description: Ebony Birdseye maple veneer inlaid chess board with a wide stripe and rounded edge.

Chess Board Material: Wood veneer with matte finish.

Chess Board Dimensions: 20.5” x 20.5” x 0.5”.

Board Square Size: 2.2” squares.

What Is Birdseye Maple?

The Birdseye figure is usually found in different types of wood, often it is the hard maple. The term “eye” is from the tiny eyes found in the grain pattern of the wood.

Even though there has been research conducted to determine what causes the phenomena no one has been able to pinpoint its cause. There was a theory at one time it was caused by birds pecking on the wood grain but that has been debunked.

Besides the maple the Birdseye has almost been found in white ash, American beech, black walnut and yellow birch to name a few. Trees that grow in the Great Lakes area of the United States seem to have more than others.

The anatomy of the chess board.

Similar to checkers the chess board consists of 64 squares – 8 rows and 8 columns.

The chess board squares are light and dark, the material used to build a board may vary but wood or wood veneer is the most common.

FIDE (World Chess Federation) equipment standard dictate that the board squares should be twice the diameter of the pawns base.