Chess As An Excellent Mind Sport

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 14th Mar 2017

Chess As An Excellent Mind Sport

There was a chess event at the Oregon Convention Center this past weekend for the 50th anniversary Chess for Success state tournament.

The competition is open to all K-12 students in Oregon, and this year 30 elementary school teams and 18 middle school teams qualified for the state chess tournament.

The idea is to teach children problem solving and focus, which meld together to help in academic situations and later on in their lives, it also teaches character building from learning how to be a loser or a gracious winner.

The Chess for Success program is in 82 elementary and middle schools across Oregon, supporting 3,400 children.

Rhys Greensted, a 13 year old chess player at Ockley Green Middle School, was happy when he had a winning a round, having previously lost a round. He really enjoys the strategy of chess.

"You have to think so many moves ahead and you have to go over and over again in your head and just keep repeating it, and see if there are any flaws with it," he says. "And it's just that complexity of ... having to have the discipline to wait to think all the moves out."

Whatever the reason why chess players want to play or join a chess club, there is no doubt that the game ends up impacting their life in a positive way.

Learn more about the tournament here.