Set Up A Backgammon Board – 5 Video Tutorials

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 21st Feb 2017

Is backgammon a game of luck or strategy?

If you enjoy the board games chess, checkers or draughts then you will like the similarly of backgammon, the way you set up a backgammon board however is completely different from those other board games. The video below will show how to set up the backgammon board:

Now that you have your backgammon game set up it is time to learn the rules and the basic object of the game. View this video for rules and playing the game:
Now that you have the board set up and understand the basic rules it is time for game play so you can come out a winner. The end game is getting your checkers (also called pips) off the board first. This video shows how to move the checkers (pips):
This video goes into more rules and moving the game pieces around the board.
Learn some basic backgammon strategies here:

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