Where Can I Buy A Mahjong Set?

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 8th Feb 2017

Where Can I Buy A Mahjong Set?

Where to buy Mahjong set.

Looking to purchase the board game Mahjong?

Great question because there are not any mahjong game superstores that sell game sets exclusively! 

So if you don’t have a hobby or game store locally your next best option is to search online.

It is the best place to find a larger selection than anywhere else.

Searching the internet for Mahjong game sets.

A few tips if searching online, if you enter mahjong or mahjongg etc (several different spellings) you will probably get a lot of online software game options, which are fine. 

However if you want a game set then the best option is to put mahjong game set or mahjong board game in your search query.

It will narrow the field, and then the only other option is to decide on the game set that you want. There is Western Mahjong, American Mahjong, Oriental Mahjong, large tile sets, travel sets etc. 

Know what you are getting before investing in a game set.

To help with your decision be sure to read the product description, most stores will explain what the set comes with.

There is also a large selection of different types of attaché cases to carry your set; they include leather, metal, leatherette and many more colors. 

You can also opt for a soft travel bag if you are going to be taking your game on the road.

Where can I buy a mahjong set? For a large selection and different styles of Western Or American browse these   Mahjong game sets.

So there you have it, some options and insight into purchasing a mahjong game set, you won't regret it because it is a fascinating board game that can be very addictive.

Another thought is if you become a skilled player there are Mahjong Tournaments all over the world and some of them have some large jackpots!