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Set Up A Backgammon Board – 5 Video Tutorials

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 21st Feb 2017

Is backgammon a game of luck or strategy? If you enjoy the board games chess, checkers or draughts then you will like the similarly of backgammon, the way you set up a backgammon board however is … read more

Where Can I Buy A Mahjong Set?

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 8th Feb 2017

Looking to purchase the board game Mahjong? Great question because there are not any mahjong game superstores that sell game sets exclusively! So if you don’t have a hobby or game store loca … read more

Product Suggestion For The Beginning Go Game Player

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 6th Feb 2017

The Board Game Go For Beginners This game set may be basic and considered a beginner's or starter Go set, however, the playing the game can is very complex, albeit easy to learn the basic moves. … read more

10 Chess Factoids You May Not Know!

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 18th Jan 2017

Arrested For Chess?In 1973 Cleveland Police raided a Chess tournament and arrested the director on charges of gambling. The chess sets were considered gambling devices and the cash to the winners w … read more

Your Thought Process Checklist For Playing Chess

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 17th Jan 2017

If you have ever watched tournament chess play you may have noticed a chess clock that each player must click after each play. The reason for the timer is to keep track of the total time each pla … read more