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How Will The Challenger's Matches To Magnus Carlsen Be Viewed?

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 15th Mar 2016

There has been a lot of talk about a machine playing a human in the world of the board game go, however there is a different battle waging in Moscow Russia that will determine who will face Magnu … read more

Make A Tic Tac Toe Board

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 12th Feb 2016

Almost everyone that some point in their life played this game and it can be addicting especially if you are a competitive board game person.Here is a great idea for making your own tic tac toe boar … read more

The Board Game Cornhole

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 11th Feb 2016

This is a great outdoor board game that has gained popularity in recent years and is an excellent game for family gatherings this summer! … read more

Chess Rules & Moves For The Beginner

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 9th Feb 2016

                   Couresty of … read more