Boxwood Chess Pieces | Triple Weighted | Felt Bottoms

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Classic, luxurious, & durable are just a few adjectives to descrie these 3.5" Black Exclusive Chessmen With Double Queens, whether on display or in playing motion! Gorgeous.

3.5" Black Exclusive Chessmen With Double Queens

This classic black and natural chess set beautifully carved out of Natural Boxwood is rich and elegant, which is very important as a decorative item and pleasing to the eye to play with! The king weighs 2 ounces, measures 3.5" tall and has a base diameter of 1.6".

This king stands out among the throngs of pawns and his knights, bishops and rooks! The set also features double queens, and each chess piece is triple weighted, has felted bottoms to protect the board, and also an extra broad base to avoid slipping and tipping over. It is a set of classy perfection, to say the least!