Boxwood Chess Set | Double Weighted Chess Pieces

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This Royal Carved Chess Set has traditional clean lines with a warm contrast, along with quality and simple beauty for any chess player!

What makes this chess set unique?

Match wits with your opponent in style with this Sheesham and Boxwood Royal Plus Carved Chess set with framed Walnut and Maple chess board!

The chess board is made of walnut and maple inlaid veneer and attractively framed for a solid finished look and clean, warm contrast.

The double-weighted and felt bottom chess pieces are crafted from sheesham and boxwood and feature carved details.

What are the dimensions?

Chess board: 17" x 17" with 1.75" squares. King size: 4" with 1.25" base diameter.

What are some of the unique selling features of this product?

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Why Weighted Chess Pieces?

You have a wide variety of chess pieces and boards to choose from, they may be referred to as weighted, what does that mean and do I want them?

The main advantage of a weighted chess piece is they will not tip over easily like a standard chess piece would, which is desirable when a player is reaching across the chess board to make a move, it would be embarrassing not to mention an inconvenience for both players.

The feel of a weighted chess piece is desired by many players because they are comfortable to the touch and glide smoothly across your chess board.

In the past chessmen were often weighted by placing a steel weight inside, so if they were referred to as triple weighted it meant there were three steel pieces inserted or two if it was double weighted.

The multiple insert practice is no longer used and currently each insert is weighted to equal the standard, double or triple, since there is no standard in terms of chess piece weight it can be subjective.

Regardless a weighted chess piece feels and performs better than plastic chessmen with no weight at all.

Tournament chess players prefer weighted chess pieces and the preferred chess set is the Staunton because it is the standard for tournament play and has requirements that have to be meant put forth by the United States Chess Federation.