Bubinga Burl Maple Wood Chess Board | Satin Finish

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24” Wooden chess board featuring bubinga burl and maple, the light squares are maple and the dark squares are bubinga burl, the board has a smooth moulded edge and a satin finish.

What makes this chess board unique?

Bubinga Burl & Maple Wood chess board featuring Bubinga Burl (dark) and Maple (light) squares with a maple delimiter, Bubinga Burl frame, satin finish and a molded edge.

Bubinga wood defined: Grain is straight to interlocked. Has a uniform fine to medium texture and moderate natural luster.

What are the dimensions?

Chess Board Dimensions: 0.5” thick. Overall dimensions of the board are 24” x 24”. Chess Board Squares: 2.25” squares.

What are some of the unique selling features of this product?

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