Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces

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4.25" Chetak Bud Rosewood Chessmen is a luxurious, stately and stunning set with pain-painstakingly carved pieces to suit any chess connoisseur!

Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces

Bud Rosewood and Boxwood Chessmen are all triple weighted with leather pads on bottoms, and includes double queens. The King is a stately 4.25” high with 1.75” base diameter.

Browse our large selection of wonderful, quality chess board to find one that suits your particular eye, making sure to chose a board that has adequate square size of at least 2.25", probably 2.5" is even better! Your choice.


What the heck is “bud” rosewood?

It gets its name because it is harvested from the base of the rosewood tree, which has greater density making it more desirable than most other rosewoods. Generally the bud rosewood chess piece is more expensive because of the higher quality.

Rosewood is also preferred by guitar builders because of the unique sound properties for their sound boards.

Will it make you a better chess player? No way, but your chess set will look good while you are improving!