Camelot Chess Set | Chess Piece Storage | Scalloped Chess Pieces

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Camelot is the symbol of the era of legendary King Arthur, escape back into this era with this Camelot Sheesham/Boxwood Chess Set that features storage for your chess pieces.

Sheesham/boxwood Camelot chess set with triple weighted scalloped chess pieces and a 3.75”, 2.5 ounce King. Chess board is sharply detailed with inlaid walnut/maple and convenient storage under board for chess pieces. Board measures16.25” x 16.25’ x 2.5” high and has 2” squares.

Camelot Chess Set

Chess Set Description: Sheesham boxwood Camelot chess set with inlaid walnut maple chess board and chess piece storage.

Chess King Size: 3.75".

King Base Width: 1.75".

Chess Pieces: Triple weighted scalloped chess pieces.

Chess Board Material: Inlaid walnut maple board with chess pieces storage.

Chess Board Dimensions: 16.25” x 16.25’ x 2.5”.

Board Square Size: 2".

Special Chess Features: The scalloped chess pieces.