Camelot Chess Set | Triple Weighted Chess Pieces | Luxury Board

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Whether you're a weekend strategist or a daily chess player, this Rosewood Camelot Set With Padauk Board Chess Set will be a treat every single time!

Rosewood Camelot Chess Set With Padauk Board

Chess Set Description: Rosewood and Boxwood Camelot Fantasy Chess Set.

Chess King Size: 3.75".

King Base Width: 1.75".

Chess Pieces: Triple weighted Solid Rosewood and Boxwood carved chess pieces with felt bottoms.

Chess Board Material: Wide-framed Padauk wood (well known for it's stability and durability; also sometimes referred to as "Vermillion") and Maple veneer board. 

Chess Board Dimensions: 17.25" x 17.25"

Board Square Size: 2.2".

Special Chess Features: The chess pieces and triple weighted and have felt bottoms not found in all chess sets.