Camelot Pewter Chess Set | Wooden Board

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This Luxurious Camelot Pewter Chess Set enhances any decor in all its splendor, let alone enhance one's mind with copious amounts of pride in ownership!

Camelot Pewter Luxury Chess Set

Whatever thoughts you may be entertaining about owning a magnificent, luxurious chess set, consider this elegant and classic King Arthur style set!

Feast your eyes on the amazing quality and attention to detail and the regal beauty of solid pewter chessmen in two tones with golden and bronze details! These fine chess pieces play atop a stunning two tone board on harmonious 1.5" light and dark squares, crafted of inlaid elm root wood and accented with golden metallic!

The king is 3.75" high with a 1.75" base diameter. The lovely elm root wood chess board has 2" squares, is 22” x 22” x 2.5”.

This outstanding Camelot Solid Pewter Chessmen Chess Set makes a definite statement piece in any home or office!

Why Pewter Chess Pieces?

 Pewter dates back to the time of late Rome and was used by the Egyptians and was used heavily during the Middle Ages, which later gave way to glass and pottery.

 Until the mass production of porcelain, glass and pottery pewter was the popular choice for tableware, the most familiar use of pewter was the tankard, made famous in the 17th century and 18th century until fading away.

 Pewter became fashionable again in the late 19th century via medieval objects for decorating.

 Today pewter can be found in figurines, collectible statues, aircraft and of course chess pieces.