Chess Backgammon Checkers Set | Hardwood Folding Board

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What makes this board game unique?

This is 3 board games in 1 featuring a 16" hardwood folding board game set that includes chess, checkers and backgammon!

What are the dimensions?

16” chess board with dimensions: (Wide x Long x High) = 8.0" x 16.0" x 2.0". And 3.25” King.

Who is this board game for?

This is perfect for the board game player that wants a variety of challenges and doesn’t want to be stuck with just one game.


Setting up the backgammon board.

One important element of playing any board game is setting up the game board properly. Go to this page to learn the proper backgammon board setup.

A comprehensive backgammon terminology list.

If you are a beginner at the game it would be a good idea to learn some of the terminology associated with game play, it is a very long list!

Since the list is so long it would be a good idea to have it handy during game play so you can highlight the most common or important terms to know and understand. Playing with an experienced backgammon player will help increase your knowledge.

To learn some common terms regarding backgammon game play browse this page.

Backgammon rules of the game.

There is a saying that states before you can break the rules of the game you need to know the rules and with backgammon there may not be any rule breaking but it is important to know the rules of play.

Browse this page for a complete list of backgammon game rules.