Chess Backgammon Checkers Set

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16" Walnut 3 In 1 Chess Backgammon & Checkers Set has a 3" King, two wooden dice cups, two sets of dice, and a doubling dice. 3 popular game choices in one, just what you need for years of board game fun and variety!

What makes this board game unique?

3-in-1 board game! Walnut chess, checker, backgammon set, featuring two wooden dice cups, two sets of dice and a doubling dice.

What are the dimensions?

Overall Dimensions: (Wide x Long x High) = 7.5" x 15.5" x 1.9". Board: 16" Square size: 1.5” King size: 3” King base width: 0.97". Game pieces: 0.93”.

Who is this board game for?

This set is for the board game player who gets bored quickly, not a problem with this set you have a total of 3 games to choose from.