Civil War Generals Chess Set | Chess Pieces Storage Board

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If you are not a history buff or collect American war themed chess sets, you will be now! This Civil War Generals Chess Set  With Storage Chest Board is a wonderful set for all ages!

Intensify every game by playing with our Civil War Chess Set with Generals on a battlefield board that conveniently stores all the soldiers securely, but displaying them on the handsome inlaid board on top will bring praises from chess players and non chess players alike!

Armies from the north and the south prepare to battle in their realistic uniforms with amazing details. You'll see rearing horse knights and cannon rocks. The King is 3.25" high with a 1" base diameter.

The storage chest style chess board, beautifully stained in cherry, is 15.5” x 15.5” x 2.5”, and has a distinctive antique style metal clasp. The black and white chess board squares are 1.5" squares, and complements very well the distinguished resin chessmen. The convenience and practicality of this type of chest/chess board allows owners to keep their treasured board game organized and safe with minimal effort when not in use, if they so wish.

History buffs and American war collectors, along with new chess players, both young and experienced, will revel in the excitement of having and playing on this beauty of a set!