Double 12, Mexican Train Dominoes Game Set

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Double 12, Mexican Train Dominoes Game Set is so popular, offering days and evenings of fun, fun, fun!

This Double 12 Color Dot Set of Mexican Train Dominoes has Mini trains & Hub with Electronic light/sound Train Keychain, batteries included, Dominoes measure 2” x 1” x 3/8".

Today, dominoes, in one form or another, are played all over the world but are most popular in South American countries and the Caribbean where they are considered to be the national game of many nations.

Dominoes didn't appear in the West until the early 18th-century when they were first noted in Italy.  It has been suggested that they arrived in Italy via trading routes from the Far East, but no one knows this for sure.  They subsequently spread all over Europe, then to England, and from there to the Americas. They arrived in the UK late in the 18th-century, possibly imported by French prisoners of war, and rapidly became a very popular game in traditional inns and drinking taverns at that time.