Double 15 Mexican Train Domiones

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Double 15 Mexican Train Domiones has all you need for Mexican Train or Chickenfoot dominos with a big group. 136 large color-coded, numbered dominoes, with distinctive 6 & 9, are easy to read, match, score & tally. Interactive hub allows for organization. High-quality set with sturdy carrying case will last!

Double 15 Dominoes has professional size color numbered white tiles, and this set has 136 of them, each measuring 1" x 2" x 1/4". The set comes with an interactive hub with loud chicken and train sounds to announce when a train starts. Also included are 8 train markers, starter trains and chickens included. The 6 and 9 numbers are explicitly distinctive to allow for easy identification. For secure storage and while you're on the go, it is packaged in a durable black carrying case.