Ebony Chess Pieces | Double Weighted | Black Leather Pads

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These 4" Ebony Chevalier Chessmen are gorgeous, regal & luxurious in every sense, a chessmen set that will stand proud and play well wherever it is set and for countless years!

4" Ebony Chevalier Chessmen

Superb quality and a handsome design makes our Ebony Chevalier chessmen a great choice for players of all ages. The display is fabulous, with natural light boxwood and bold ebony.

Each piece retains its classic visual elements, from the knight’s regal horse head to the king’s lofty crown. Solid Ebony and Boxwood Chess pieces are double weighted for a firm, powerful feel with black leather pads on each base, and it sports a 4" high king that has a 1.5” base width.