Go Board Game Set | Reversible Bamboo Board | Glass Stones

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Go Game Set With Bamboo Board is a splendid set! This game is extraordinary by uniquely challenging one's intellect. Simple, yet resisting all attempts to program computers to play! You can't outgrow Go!

This beautiful, quality Reversible Bamboo Veneer Go Board is 19" x 19" square with one side being the standard Go grid layout, and the opposite or reverse side playing grid area is smaller and excellent for beginners to learn. Included is a great set of 361 Bi-Convex black and white 7mm thick glass Go stones with plastic storage bowls for added convenience.

As an intellectual challenge Go is extraordinary. The rules are very simple, yet it resists all attempts to program computers to play Go. Even the best programs, the results of many years development, are still beaten by experienced players. Apart from a chance to beat the computer, Go offers major attractions to anyone who enjoys games of skill.