Go Game Set | Plastic Go Game Stones

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18.4" Larger Economical Go Game Set has more than ample sized wood veneered board with black & white plastic Go "stones". Originating in China over 2,000 years ago, Go is enjoyed today by over 40 million. Simplistic rules, but GO is rich in strategy & history and quite addicting.

What makes this board game unique?

Economical larger Go board set has a 1/2" thick wood veneered board.

The black and white plastic go stone pieces count is 181 black/180 white, and come in convenient drawstring bags for storing.

What are the dimensions?

Go board is 18.4" square with 1" playing squares. Go stones are 7/8” diameter.

Who is this board game for?

For the Go player that is looking for an excellent value, this is a complete set with a larger board at a great price!

How is this game played?

To learn how to play this awesome board game or improve your skills go to these videos.