Japanese Shogi Set With Storage Drawer

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Japanese Shogi Set With Storage Drawer is a unique and very interesting chess variation to introduce your friends and family to!

This all-wood deluxe Shogi board and tile set is a Japanese variant of modern western chess, and about the same age, around 500 years old. This wood set has a finished surface with square markings and a full set of engraved wood tiles that are 1" square.  The four-legged wood base has a convenient storage drawer.  Included is a handy felt tote bag and instruction booklet in full English.

Dimensions: 10.5" L x 10" W x 2" H. Playing Surface: Up to 10".

Ready to try a new adventure and command your army across this ancient Japanese chessboard? This Japanese version of chess plays with the similar objective of capturing the enemy King. Pieces are conveniently stacked in sliding wooden drawers underneath. The kanji characters are Bantarou-goma (painted running hand script) font in Genpai-goma style (black character on head, red character on tail).

Shogi, pronounced “show´ gee” (hard “g” as in “geese”) is the traditional chess of Japan. The game is probably derived primarily from Chinese chess, xiangqi, but also has interesting similarities to Thai chess, makruk.