Leather Chess Board | Chess Piece Storage | Backgammon Board

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Who wouldn't immediately love this 17" Pressed Leather Chess Board With Chest - 1.75" Squares? It's a wood and leather beauty by Ital Fama, plus it stores your chess pieces!

Pressed Leather Chess Board With Chest

No worries where you put that pawn with this chest! With 1.75" squares, this 17.5" x 17.5" x 2" high chess board is truly handsome in black and gold wood and pressed leather, plus below it, you have a 32-space compartment where game pieces can be safely stored when not in use.

The pressed leather chess board is fascinating with a luxurious gold border that wraps around each side, and a backgammon board is also included. 

The chess board has 1.75” squares, and the chess piece storage compartment can accommodate up to a 4.5" King with no more than a 1.5" base diameter. Be sure to browse our wide selection of chessmen and themed chessmen sets and consider creating a stunning custom chest set to enjoy, display, and cherish for years!