Luxury Staunton Chess Set

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The marvelous details and luxury brought by Ital Fama of Italy in this Large Metal Staunton Set With Leather Board are too numerous to list here! Truly a chess set deserving of your love!

Stunning Staunton metal chessmen, classically designed by Ital Fama of Italy, present an engaging game to the player. The king is a grand 4" tall with base diameter of 1.25".  Note the intricate small engraving in every silver and gold finished chess piece, adding detailed elegance and style.

The chess board measures 18" x 18" and has 2" squares. It is the perfect complement to the chess pieces. With the wonderful burgundy and gold supple pressed leather over the entire surface, and the rich, adorning floral influenced stripe all around, this remarkable chess set makes an incredible display!

You will revel in playing over and over on it for years and years, and you will delight in the never-ending compliments from chess players and non chess players alike!

Chess may be a form of entertainment, but that’s not the only reason so many people love it. This famous pastime is also beloved for its diverse style and timeless charm. This metal Staunton on Leather Chess Board Set is a example of why chess is also known for its enormous visual attractiveness. Thank you Ital Fama of Italy, way to go!


Why The Need For Staunton Chess Pieces?

In the late 18th century and into the early 19th century the board game chess was becoming increasingly popular all over the world. This interest fueled the demand for a standardized chess piece that would later be the standard for tournament play.

Since the chess pieces of that time were very tall and would tip over easily it was becoming a nuisance for the elite player and they demanded a reform of the rules for the size of a chess piece.

The Solution To The Problem

John Jaques of London released the first version in 1849 and it’s name sake was none other than Howard Staunton a chess player, author and was considered to be one of the best chess players in the world at the time.