Marijuana Chess Set

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These unique chess pieces are hand carved from the Ivory palm or Tagua palm from South America that yields a nut that when dried is just like carving ivory. These pieces are polished with their natural color of ivory-amber. The nuts are not toxic and are eco friendly!

Marijuana Chess Set

Legalizing marijuana has been in the news lately, but until it happens in your state (unless it already has) you can enjoy playing on this very unique marijuana chess set, featuring chess pieces that are hand carved from the nut of Tagua palm from South America.

The chessmen are polished to show off their natural ivory amber color and are non toxic and eco friendly! The king is 3” high and has a 1” king base width.

The 17.3” chess board is Sapele wood and maple with 2” squares.

This is a great collector chess set and is sure to have your chess friends talking!