Metal Chess Set | Renaissance Theme

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Metal Renaissance Themed Chess Set – Metal chessmen playing on a blue burl mother of pearl ivory chess board. Awesome addition to any luxury chess collection! The perfect chess marriage of chessmen and board.

Renaissance Chess Set

Chess Set Description: Renaissance metal chess pieces, blue burl mother of pearl ivory board.

Chess King Size: 5.5”

King Base Width: 1.5”

Chess Pieces: Metal Renaissance.

Chess Board Material: Blue burl ivory with Mother Of Pearl inlaid veneer.

Chess Board Dimensions: 20.5” x 20.5” x 0.5”.

Board Square Size: 2” squares.

The Renaissance Period In History

Like the Renaissance era that was a unique time in world history this themed chess set defines luxury with the perfect matching of the metal chess pieces to the beautiful chess board.

Interesting facts about chess that you may not know.

The board game chess was invented in India during the Gupta Empire; it made its way to the Western world in the 9th century. The oldest chess game that was recorded was played between a Bagdad historian and his student.