Metal Staunton Chess Set | Glossy Chess Board

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This obviously gorgeous Large Metal Staunton Set With Grey Briar Board is a winner in so many ways! It is pure class, beauty, and luxury, to be played & enjoyed long into the future!

Staunton metal chessmen, designed in the classic shapes, present an engaging game to the player. Note the height of the king, higher than usual at 4 inches, and the intricate small engraving in every chess piece, adding elegance, gracefulness and detail. The base diameter of the king is 1.25". The chess board is glossy and made of beautiful Grey Briar that creates a convolute and exotic battlefield, and measures a large 17.3" x 17.3" with 2" squares.

Captivate opponents and spectators with a gorgeous chess set that’s made to last. The game board included in this collection sets the stage for rich style. The 2 inch spaces alternate between grey and ivory – the perfect size for the large and luxurious Staunton metal chessmen. A dark border surrounds the field of play while a narrow frame adds even more visual appeal. 

The Staunton chessmen that come with this one-of-a-kind board game have wonderful detail. Each is crafted out of cold, hard metal. You’ll see familiar figures that stand upon orb-like bases with flat bottoms.  Once you see this metal chess set in action, you’ll never want to put it away! This is a luxury chess set to be treasured and truly enjoyed!