Metal Staunton Chess Set | Leather Chess Piece Storage Board

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Wow, this Large Metal Staunton Set With Leather Storage Board has the class, beauty & luxury any chess connisseur would be thrilled to own, plus the convenient storage aspect is a huge bonus!

Renowned Ital Fama of Italy brings you this nearly indescribable Staunton metal chessmen with a beautiful leather covered storage chest style chess board!

In a classic design, the chess pieces each have intricate small engraving, and the king is a large 4" tall with a 1.25" base diameter. The chess board, which is actually the lid on the chest, matches exceptionally well with the chess pieces. With a pressed leather playing surface and the rich floral adorning stripe, the complete set is one you'll want to leave out for proudly displaying in any setting! The storage chest offers plenty of capacity to safely keep the chessmen, should you ever decide to put them away!

Our large metal Staunton on leather chest chess set offers all the luxurious style you love with a major convenience of storage. The lid is crafted into a captivating gold and black pressed leather board. The edges feature subtle stitching that adds even more detail along with the eye-catching border.

The chest chess board is 17.5" x 17.5" and has 1.75" squares to adequately accommodate the beautiful metal chessmen.  Red felt lining covers the interior of the chest to form individual compartments for the chess pieces, so they can be placed in each separate space, if you wish, so they don’t scratch or damage one another when not in use.

This wonderful chess set is a true luxury for any chess enthusiast, and what gift it will be to a chess connisseur you hold dear!