Modern Backgammon Game Set

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18" Modern Backgammon Game Set has a soft vinyl black ribbed exterior, gray faux suede playing surface with black and light gray points/pips. All you need is included in this very sharp and classic set that will be enjoyed for years!

18" Modern Backgammon game set with neat soft vinyl black ribbed exterior and a bronze plated metal closure/clasp. The playing surface features a gray faux suede felt cloth with black and light gray points/pips (not stitched). Game pieces are made of uria stone (the same material used to make bowling balls), and are 1.25" in diameter.  There are 2 gray faux suede covered dice cups, and the dice are also made of uria stone material. This is a sharp, classic backgammon set, and a splendid value. You'll enjoy it for years to come!

Overall Dimensions: (W x L x H) = 11.5" x 18.0" x 1.875".