Pewter Chess Pieces | Camelot Theme

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3.75" Pewter Camelot Chessmen Set is a true beauty in gold and bronze details, sure to be admired by all who attend its "court".

This elegant and classic Solid Pewter Camelot Chessmen Set with Golden and Bronze Details has a 3.75" King weighing 13 ounces with a 1.5” base diameter.

Rise as King, command your army and wage war against your enemies, King Arthur style! These solid pewter pieces take you back to medieval times, with each piece in its golden or bronze detail, enhancing the overall authenticity of the set. It's perfect for every chess enthusiast! This captivating collection rests upon decorative pedestals with familiar busts that include a bearded king, a graceful queen, a stern bishop and an armor-clad knight.  The classic tower rook and horse head knight are also included.

This Camelot solid pewter chessmen set offers richness and durability over other styles and is absolutely breathtaking. The flawless finishes and fine details bring each figure to vivid life, and the set is a beautiful example of how pewter can make your chess game even better!  Your game board will become very dressed up, and these pieces will make a stunning display for home, office, den, or wherever you place it.

Chess board not included, but please browse our large quality selection to determine which board you feel best complements the pieces or your own decor. It is suggested to play on a board that has at least 2" squares.