Renaissance Luxury Chess Set | Glossy Chess Board

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Renaissance Luxury Chess Set | Glossy Chess Board

This astounding oversize luxurious chess set is a magnificent game room display, and when you go to battle, you'll need will power to stop at just one round! 

Regal and enchanting, our Renaissance chess set will inspire and enhance every maneuver you make. The impressive chess board includes grey and ivory colored squares with a matching inlaid frame that showcases a flowing wood grain texture. The marvelous chess pieces shine gloriously in gold and pewter tones with exciting and elegant detail, from the knight’s barding to the king’s pointed crown. The king is a spectacular 5.5" high and has a 1.5" diameter base.

The chess board is a dramatic 21.7" x 21.7" with 2.4" squares to properly accommodate the large armies, and finished with beautiful shades of grey and ivory briarwood veneer, a very sturdy wood, then coated to a magnificent glossy finish! The solid dark border distinctly separates the battlefield from the frame, producing a well defined guide, as well as more beauty and elegance to the complete set. 

This luxury chess set could very well be one of our most attractive and extravagant! Whether you’re looking for a majestic conversation piece to add to your home décor or want a high quality set that is both functional and superior, our Renaissance chess set is your must-have chess board game set!

Impress the most discerning opponents with this spectacularly luxurious chess set from Italy/Spain, and display and enjoy playing for many years. The breathtaking board game combination of rich textures and colors in this chess set emanates a most captivating presentation imaginable!