Russian Chess Set | Wooden Chess Board

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This marvelous Inlaid Russian Set With Padauk Board Chess Set is utterly astonishing with unique chess pieces yet classic overall design! Time to introduce a new look to your collection? This is it!

Inlaid Russian Set With Padauk Board

 All chess pieces have a round base, are double weighted, and are sturdily crafted for years of frequent play. The Kings are 3.75" tall with 1.6" diameter bases.

The chess pieces are even more eye-catching on the Padauk (Padauk is moderately heavy, strong, and stiff wood, with exceptional stability. It’s a popular hardwood among woodworkers because of its unique color) and maple wood chess board with it's narrow frame, rounded corners, and slim pale border denoting the battlefield edges.

Its shine is enhanced by a sleek coat of lacquer that also fortifies the surface.  It measures 17.25" x 17.25" with 2" squares.

Our Russian chessmen offer a whole new look with traditional style. Maintain that same classic look so many chess conniseurs love while introducing a unique and exciting design!