Sheesham Chess Set | Ebony Birdseye Chess Board

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Our Exclusive Sheesham Chess Set With Ebony Birdseye Board has a wonderful contrast with all the quality and beauty any chess enthusiast will appreciate!

Sheesham Chess Set With Ebony Birdseye Board

Chess Set Description: Sheesham boxwood chess set featuring a Ebony Birdseye Maple chess board.

Chess King Size: 4".

King Base Width: 1.8".

Chess Pieces: Triple weighted sheesham boxwood with felt bottoms.

Chess Board Material: Ebony Birdseye Maple board with multi-colored border frame.

Chess Board Dimensions: 20.5" x 20.5".

Board Square Size: 2.2".

Special Chess Features: The ebony  Birdseye maple board features a multi colored border frame not found on many chess boards.