Staunton Metal Wood Chess Pieces | Wooden Chess Table

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One of a kind beautiful large Staunton Metal & Wood Chessmen With Table, featuring a elm briarwood veneer chess table that would look amazing in any game room.


Stunning Big Staunton Metal and Wood chessmen!  

4" King with 1” king base diameter. Handsome round pedestal table crafted of Elm Briarwood veneer, made in Italy.

Round chess table is 25" high and 25" in diameter. What a fabulous eye-catching display in any setting, let alone the pleasure of playing chess on it for years!


Interesting facts about chess that you may not know.

The game of chess is often referred to as the game of kings, because in the past it was played mostly by nobles and upper class.

Crazy but true the number of possible ways for the first four moves for both chess players combined is 318,979,564,000!