Walnut Maple Veneer Chess Board

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What makes this chess board unique?

Excellent value Walnut/Maple veneer chess board.

What are the dimensions?

14"x 14” x 0.5”  1.5" squares.

Who is this board game for?

For the chess player that wants a wooden chess board at a great value!

What are some of the unique selling features?

We can ship this game set internationally just email us your address via our contact us page.

Walnut defined:Walnut is a straight-grained hardwood that varies from chocolate brown (from the center of the tree) to yellow (outer portion of the tree).  It's a very strong and stable wood that can take intricate carving.

Maple wood defined: Maple is a creamy white hardwood that sometimes has a reddish tinge. One of the hardest wood species, it can take a beating and look great for years. 


The anatomy of the chess board.

Similar to checkers the chess board consists of 64 squares – 8 rows and 8 columns.

The chess board squares are light and dark, the material used to build a board may vary but wood or wood veneer is the most common.

FIDE (World Chess Federation) equipment standard dictate that the board squares should be twice the diameter of the pawns base.