Western Mahjong Set With Leatherette Case

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Western Mahjong Set With Leatherette Case is another great American/Western version of this highly addictive game! New and seasoned players will learn easily, so let the Mahjong madness begin!

This lovely American/Western Style Mahjong Set includes:  166 durable polystone ivory colored tiles, 4 racks, chips/money, and instruction book, and featuring a sharp and sturdy solid black leatherette carrying case to protect and accommodate your game anywhere you wish! Dimensions: 20.5" x 10" x 3.5".

Mahjong is a game that involves skill, strategy, calculation and a measure of luck.  This set is another classic one, perfect for those interested in learning this highly entertaining (and yes, addictive) game, as well as those who are already seasoned players.

All the game pieces store neatly and securely in the case, when you're not playing. 

Depending on regional variations, the number of tiles can vary from 136 to 144 tiles. The Mah Jong tiles are divided into suited tiles, honor tiles, flower tiles, and joker tiles. The game has a rich history; every single tile within the set has its own mythology and meaning.


Where Did The Western Mahjong Version Come From?

The Western classical Mahjong board game is a descendant of the version of Mahjong introduced by Joseph Babcock in the 1920’s to the United States. He published a book called the Rules of Mah-Jonng that was often referred to as the red book.

Babcock polished his Mahjong skills while he was living in China and decided to make the rules simple for Americans so they would take to the game quicker.

After the 1920’s many of the rule he laid out in his book were abandoned and his version is no longer even though there are a few of the rules that remain in other versions.