Air Hockey Tables


Air Hockey and its slow start

Instead of becoming a legitimate sport like billiards which is what the inventors hoped for, air hockey became mostly known as a game kept in university recreation rooms, the local bowling alleys, and even some carnivals.

So what did they do to change the perception and make it appealing to the masses?

Start some type of competition!

Things got very competitive real quick

When things get competitive there has to be rules established so to ensure uniform play standards of the highest competitive quality, the United States Air-Table Hockey Association (USAA) was formed in 1975 by J. Phillip Arnold.

Brunswick Corporation had air hockey rules but they were rendered void when the USAA rolled out their rules.

Since its beginning, the USAA has sanctioned at least one national-level or World championship every year, crowning twelve different champions over thirty years.

But that was not enough in March 2015; the Air Hockey Players Association (AHPA) was introduced and is providing air hockey players with even more organization that oversees the sport of air hockey.

The USAA and AHPA run independently but are governed by a similar set of rules and share many of the same players.