Arcade Indoor Games


Indoor Arcade Games

When you can’t or don’t want to go to the arcade bring the arcade games to you with indoor arcade games.

Back in the day the only form of these games that were available were found at amusement parks or often called midway games.

These would include but not limited to ball tossing games, some coin operated games and of course the ever popular shooting galleries.

The first coin operated pinball machines emerged in the 1930’s, we have come a long way since then!

When the arcade game industry all began

The first coin operated video game was called Galaxy Game set up by students at Stanford University in 1971.

It was actually a spinoff of the video game called Spacewar, the difference being that it was coin operated.

Also in 1971 (1971 was a busy year for video games) Nolan Bushnell introduced a mass produced video game called Computer Space.

A year later Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell formed the ever popular Atari which is credited with creating the coin operated video game industry and there was no turning back at this point.

Atari introduced a very successful arcade game called Pong and they could be found anywhere there was an audience, airports, lounges and so much more.

The Modern Arcade Games