Backgammon Game Sets

Backgammon Game Sets

Backgammon board game sets 

Backgammon is it skill or luck?

When you open the debate about various board games one of the first items of discussion is the strategies involved, if there are any and how much is pure luck?

Games like chess require a strategy that is plotted several moves ahead of your opponent, in fact the further ahead you can think or see the better your chance of victory.

The roll of the dice and strategy.

The backgammon game involves the roll of the dice so some may argue that it involves the element of luck, however after the dice are thrown the luck ends there and strategy takes over.

If you have two players of equal skill then the strategy becomes less important and the luck of the roll takes front stage.

Lady luck versus skill.

You can have luck on your side by being a more skilled player because the better the skill the more rolls of the dice you get therefore increasing your odds of winning.

Regardless of your skill level this game is fast pace, easy to learn and lots of fun!

In the 1920’s in New York City the doubling cube was introduced which required the players to select the ideal move in a given position and the probability that position will win.