Basic Mahjong Game Set

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What makes this board game unique?

This Basic Mahjong game set with plastic tiles includes a rule/instruction book, 4 racks, money chips, and 10 jokers.

What are the dimensions?

1.5"x 1"x .25” tiles - board game measures 15” x 8” x 1.5”.

Who is this board game for?

Here is a very economical way to be introduced to and experience a new game, or give as a gift to someone who loves board games!

What are some of the unique selling features?

We can ship this product internationally just provide a complete address at our contact us page. Be sure to mention the product SKU that is below the product price.

Some history of the mahjong tile material

Early mahjong tiles were constructed using bone and would more than likely backed with bamboo. Bone tile are still available but more often the modern mahjong tile set is made of a variety of materials including acrylic, celluloid, polyresin, Bakelite and even nylon.