Board Games Versus Video Games

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 7th Apr 2021

Board Games Versus Video Games

Board Games Vs Video Games

Both Promote Fun!

Growing up playing board games was a favorite family pastime. 

Sitting around the table with your parents and siblings playing Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders was so much fun as a kid 

However eventually Monopoly would dominate family game night.

Enter the digital age and the handheld game.

Times have changed and we now live in the Digital Age where we can play video games on our phone, tablet, computer or console. 

No longer are we limited to the kitchen table or den. 

No longer are we at the mercy of finding all the game pieces and hoping for the roll of the dice to go our way.

Games in any form are a social experience. Board games bring us together in the same place. 

You can look your opponent in the eye while buying up all of Park Avenue. 

Video games can be played online any time of day or night. Online multiplayer games allow for social interaction. 

Who knows where that voice in your headset shouting at you while playing Call of Duty Black Ops is coming from? 

Or you can have a group of friend’s right there on the couch next to you.

Don't toss the board game just yet.

Board games are not to be outdone. 

They have a long, rich history on their side. Board games have been played throughout history in all cultures, whereas, video games are a recent phenomenon. 

The commercial success of Pong in the early '70’s ushered in a new era. Arcades and the home video game consoles rose in popularity throughout the '80’s.

Have you ever cheated while playing a board game? Not unless you were taking advantage of your little brother or sister. 

Video games were made for 'cheating’. 

Programmers built in special codes for all sorts of things such as extra lives, skipping levels or even special abilities, such as walking through walls.

Game developers even added in hidden messages or jokes which are not part of the game known as Easter eggs. 

Love or hate 'em video game players have better hand-eye coordination, better resistance to distraction and an increase in their peripheral vision. 

Gotta watch out for all those bullets and zombies coming at ya. Board games don’t offer the same benefits, but you can get a bad case of tennis elbow.

Video game content has evolved but in a good way?

As the video game industry has matured over the years so has the content of the games. Video games receive ratings just like a movie does. 

Games can be violent, sexual and depict drug and alcohol use. Parents can gauge what they deem to be appropriate for their child to play.

Not every parent wants their child playing Grand Theft Auto. Board games are completely different. 

There’s no beating up a pimp and taking his working girl. 

A lot is left to the imagination.

Believe it or not, but you can actually 'Go Pro’ in both board games and video games. Depending on your game there are professional tournaments held throughout the year. 

Video gamers have eSports, which gets coverage on ESPN.

Is one medium better than the other? Not necessarily. Games in any form are meant to bring us together in a friendly, competitive environment.

Play on!