Fun Facts About Board Games

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 20th Apr 2020

Fun Facts About Board Games

Board games to stop boredem  

Almost everyone has played a board game of some type in their lives or at least is going to or wished they could. 

Before cell phones and video games board games were a favorite family pastime that and playing cards. 

Enter the board game cafe.

Today there is a new trend emerging and that is board game cafes, where you can enjoy your favorite hot beverage and challenge someone to a board game.

Here are some interesting facts about board games that you may not know:

The party board game Uno is featured in fifty different versions, which includes versions of The Simpsons, Angry Birds, Avengers and Doctor Who just to name a few.

Last December (2015) Monopoly had its 80th birthday; it came from the idea of economist Henry George who had certain ideas about women’s rights and the current tax system. 

The idea was at the time an economy that rewards the creation of wealth is far better than a variety of monopolies that are not challenged and abide by very little rule.

The prisoners of war (World War II) were allowed to play board games by the Nazis, in fact they allowed the families of the prisoners to send them board games, and one that was very popular was Monopoly.

Parker Brothers the publisher of Monopoly was rather sneaky and hid real money in the game along with various items to help the prisoners escape. Some of the items included files, maps, and compasses to aid in their escape.

In 1988 on the 50th Anniversary of the board game Scrabble a game was played on a huge board game with tiles that were 6 feet across, so large was it that it had to be played in Wembley Stadium.

3,000 Monopoly players from all over the world set a world record in 2008 for the most players participating in a game at the same time.

Some interesting facts about Chutes & Ladders

The game was thought to have originated in India in the 19 th century.

In the United States the board game was originally called Snakes & Ladders.

The titular snakes and ladders in the games are considered to be karma (destiny) and kama (ones desire).

Some notes about the popular board game Clue

The original femme fatale Miss Scarlet was Asian until 1996 when she was changed to Caucasian.

Even though the game was patented in 1947 because of the post war shortages it was not released for two more years.

In 1992 Hasbro bought both versions of the game from Parker Brothers and Waddington’s Games.

The famous Colonel Mustard slept with a revolver beneath his pillow.

Parker Brothers did not like the idea of Mr. Green being a reverend and a murder suspect.

In 2008 the original absent minded Professor Plum was switched to a video game designer.

Popular Board Game Scrabble

Fun facts about Scrabble

1049 is the highest score for a single game!

392 points for the word muzjiks is the highest you can open with, it means a Russian peasant.

Likewise the highest word score in competition was craziques worth 392 points that mean a Native American chef.

It has yet to be achieved but if you are so lucky the highest scoring word possible is oxyphenbutazone.

For their 50th Anniversary Scrabble played their giant version in Wembly Stadium with tile that were six feet across.

The popular board game Life

Since dice were associated with gambling the original game featured a spinning top and the game was called The Checkered Game of Life.

It was the first game invented by the famous board game maker Milton Bradley in 1860 and it turns out it was the only game he invented himself.

To stay current with the modern times current versions of the game feature a credit card.

Milton Bradley went on to patent the outdoor game croquet and invented the popular crayon packages.

The stressful game that requires a steady hand Jenga

There have been 2.7 billion blocks in 50 million Jenga sets sold that places them in a lot of households.

Leslie Scott is credited with producing the game in the 1980’s, she got the idea from children building blocks.

The meaning of Jenga is actually a Swahili word meaning build.

There is also a Truth or Dare version of Jenga for adults.