Go The Board Game & Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 26th Jul 2019

Go The Board Game & AI

Board Game GO

“Go is implicit. It's all pattern matching. But that's what deep learning does very well.”


It was only a matter of time.

It has been 2500 years in the making but it happened, artificial intelligence finally won at the Board Game Go.

Prior to that almost all games have been mastered by the computers including chess.

Easy to learn but hard to truly master.

Go is a board game that is very easy to learn but not that easy to master, computers have been trying for years to master it and have failed.

However that has changed an AI program has taken the lead by defeating a master several times!

In a matter of minutes you can learn the basic idea behind the Go game however you could spend a lifetime playing this amazing game and never master it.

The thinking man or circuit game.

The AI system that was developed had to master the best Go players and then had to get better and turn the tables and play itself.

It boils down to looking at all the possibilities for a desired outcome in a matter of seconds, much faster than the human brain.

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Learn to play this board game!

To get your own Go Game Set browse this page, to learn to play this awesome board game go to our Go Game training videos for beginner and advanced videos.

A typical game of Go starts with an empty board which is laid out in a grid, these boards can vary in size.

The smaller grid is better for a beginning player and once they improve their game skill they can move on to a larger grid.

Each player has game pieces called stones, there are usually 361 stones which consist of 181 black stones and 180 white stones.

The idea is to use your stones to form different territories on the board by surrounding empty areas on the board.

Like mentioned earlier it is a board game that is very easy to learn how to play but yet another thing to master!