Mahjong Tile Board Game – The Basics Of The Board Game

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 15th Mar 2017

Mahjong Tile Board Game – The Basics Of The Board Game

Mahjong Tile Game

Mahjong is a very popular 4 player Chinese tile game that is played around the globe.

Mahjong originated in China during the Qing dynasty and has gained popularity throughout the Western world.

It is very similar to the card game gin rummy; the idea behind the game is to assemble a hand of certain combinations before your opponent does.

There are a variety of rule variations; however, they all have similar characteristics.

A Mahjong board game set usually has (not always) 136 tiles and 8 bonus tiles for a total of 144 tiles. 

These are divided into three types: basic tiles, honor tiles, and bonus tiles.

The modern age has ushered in online Mahjong play.

In spite of the fact online Mahjong has gained serious popularity over the years, the board game sets are still popular and the hand carved Mahjong tile are still in demand. 

"The setting sun's endlessly endearing, but the light of day is disappearing," says Ho Sau Mei, one of Hong Kong's last mahjong tile carvers.

A quote from one of the last Mahjong tile carvers in Hong Kong, she has a fascinating story about her history of carving Mahjong tile to read the complete story go to this page.

To learn more browse the Mahjong tile sets page for additional information.

The debate about free online Mahjong vs. Mahong game sets.

There is certainly a debate about playing Mahjong online for free or playing in a group setting with a game set. The advantage of playing online is you can do it anytime from a handheld device and don't need an opponent across the table.

Of course the disadvantage of the online game is there is no social interaction, this is a huge component of playing in a group setting.

Learn about Mahjong game play.

In the video below the basic elements of mahjong are shown, including the setup of the game board as well as other basic components of the game. 

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