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People have been enjoying their leisure time with games for a very long time; there are writings from a thousand years ago that spoke of board games.

In these modern times there are numerous clubs at the national and local level that hold competitions that focus on board games such as Mahjong, Chess and many more.

There are numerous games and more are introduced each year supporting the fact we still enjoy sitting around the table and challenge our friends and loved ones to a fun round of competition!

Checkers -

Checkers is probably one of the easier games to learn, and is considered a game children learn at some point in their childhood. Checkers is not just child’s play adults of all ages can enjoy this fun pastime.


This is a prestigious game that involves strategy and other skills that can take years to master. Chess is a game for all ages and there are literally thousands of different types of boards, chessmen and numerous strategies that are constantly being studied and improved upon.


Some may consider this game more of a card game than a board game, it is played on a cribbage board however the play is determined by the draw of a card so there is some element of luck involved, there is however plenty of room for the thinkers.


This game is the oldest in recorded history and not that difficult learn however there is definitely a strategy to winning. The progress of play is determined by the toss of the dice so there is some element of luck involved, but when the dice is thrown the luck ends and strategy comes into play.

Go Game

This fascinating game is very easy to learn however it requires years of practice to master, if that is even possible because the possibilities for the various moves and strategies for winning are endless. In the Orient it is often used as a learning tool for mastering the strategies of warfare.

Mahjong Board Game -

There are several variations of the fascinating game that is becoming more popular with each passing year. 

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